Of all the businesses within the economy, hotels use incredibly high amounts of energy, especially when it comes to lighting their facilities.  All hotels have felt the effect of economic slowdowns and now it has become common practice to try and reduce operating costs.  A LED lighting retrofit is a great way to upgrade a hotel’s light fixtures and reduce operating costs.

LED Lighting Saves Money

As soon as you install LED Lamps / Fixtures your savings begin immediately.  LED lamps use up to 75% less energy vs incandescent, CFL and fluorescent lights.  Over time this saves your hotel quite a bit of money.

LED lamps also last between 25,000 to 50,000 hours while existing bulbs like incandescent, CFL and fluorescent last 2000 to 20,000 hours so your hotel will not only save money on your energy bill but also be replacing bulbs less often.

The LED lamps do cost more upfront, but the cost of an LED retrofit will quickly be offset by the savings in energy and maintenance costs (typically 1 – 2 years) and after that the savings don’t stop, they continue year after year.

Retrofit LED Lighting Offers Design Options

Retrofitting lighting with todays LED bulbs / fixtures allows for better design options for a hotel.  Modern LED bulbs / fixtures come with advanced features and are capable of changing colour to further add aesthetic appeal to lobbies, corridors, bars & restaurant areas.  LED bulbs come in all different sizes such as tiny diodes or large fixtures.  For hotels looking for new design options, LED lighting designs are endless.  LED lights for hotels are not only more efficient but they offer modern aesthetic appeal and advanced wireless lighting control features which upgrade the aesthetics of your hotel.

Integration with Lighting Controls

In the past conversion of hotels to LED lighting was prevented / complicated by compatibility issues of LED lamps with the hotels existing lighting control systems.  Often the result was LED lamps that would flicker and had limited diming range.  Over the last few years both LED lamps and lighting control systems have advanced significantly allowing for LED integration.  In addition, select contractors have gained specialized knowledge in modifying existing lighting controls or implementing low cost lighting control solutions to facilitate full LED conversions of a hotels lighting system.

Retrofitting Your Hotel Is A Long-Term Investment

An LED retrofit of hotel lighting is a major decision with many factors to consider besides savings.  Investing in better design, quality LED Lamps and choosing the right contractor who provides after sales service will not only save you money but also make your hotel appear more attractive and inviting.

Now is the best time to invest in LED lighting Contact TGL today to invest in your lighting and in your business!

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