In today’s market the decision to convert to LED is being taken on by just about every major organization.  The proven savings, reduced costs and improvement of technology have left little doubt in the value of converting.   Everybody is ready to sell you LED but most companies are new entrants, how can you insure savings and proper lighting design for your facility?

What to Look for in an LED Retrofit Company

If you’ve decided that LED lighting retrofit is the right choice, the next step is to find the right retrofit company.  There are many options available in the market today and knowing what to look for becomes extremely important if you want to avoid problems that can impact your business in the future.  The larger your business or project the more important this choice becomes.

Here’s a guide on what to look for:


Prices for LED lighting have dropped over the years which has created a higher demand and has also opened the door for many companies to enter the LED retrofitting business looking for quick profits.  Longevity in the business and list of major satisfied clients are a good indicator that you are working with a good contractor.  Experienced contractors will have better knowledge of the best LED options available in the market, create proper lighting design and will be able to discuss the financial returns to your business.

Installation & Project Execution

It is extremely important to make sure your project is being executed by licensed professional electricians who will work safely and perform work that will pass electrical safety inspections.  The contractor hired should provide license and registration information of all people working on site prior to project start, and a post project ESA inspection with certificate showing work performed has passed electrical safety inspection.  Avoid contractors who do not offer ESA certificates and use unregistered / unlicensed electricians.  The health and safety implications to your organization and tenants are significant.

The best contractors offer in house turnkey solutions to handle the entire project start to finish.  This means all aspects of a project such as:

  • Energy Assessment / Financial Consulting
  • Lighting Design
  • Photometric Lighting Studies
  • Submitting for Government Grants / Rebates
  • Project Management
  • Materials Procurement & Warehousing Logistics
  • Installation
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Warranty Management & Maintenance

This means very little work for you as the client and one source of accountability so that any issues can be resolved quickly.  A contractor with a track record and experience providing such services for large scale projects nationwide shows the financial capacity and service levels needed to give you an excellent LED project experience.


LED lighting is supposed to last for years and if something unexpectedly goes wrong, you’ll want a warranty that takes care of all costs associated with getting the lighting fully functional again.  The issue in the LED lighting industry is that replacing the defective LED product is not actually expensive so product warranty accounts for only a fraction of the costs to restore your lighting.  The majority of the costs come from the labour, parts and lift costs which are not covered by a product warranty.  Find an experienced contractor who has experience working with commercial / industrial grade products and have them recommend a product and give an additional warranty on parts and labour.  This way your warranty is managed for you and if something goes wrong everything is covered (LED Product, parts, labour and lift costs).

Reasonable Quote

The pricing of LED product and contractors vary greatly, price alone should not be the determining factor otherwise you may end up with the lowest quality LED, installed by unregistered electricians and no after sales service. When evaluating a quote take into consideration the contractor providing the service, the quality of the product and the after sales service. A good quote for quality product and services should provide a payback 2 years or less, while a reasonable quote would provide a payback of 3 years or less. The cost of servicing failed product or lack of after sales service will be far greater than the money saved in upfront costs.

The consultant should be clear and transparent with the project plan and product and keep your goals in mind.

Find a Trusted Professional

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