Fairmont Royal York

TGL Introduces Filament LED to pass Standards of the Fairmont Royal York

Standing in the very heart of downtown Toronto for over 90 years, Fairmont Royal York represents one of Canada’s great historic luxury hotels featuring vintage décor and luxury.  The conversion of the Royal York Hotel to LED posed one of our industries greatest challenges at the time as the selected led lamp needed to maintain the vintage décor and when diming the LED lamps needed to dim smoothly and become warmer as they dimmed.  At over 1,400,000 square feet in size, ceiling heights of 30ft and old analog diming technology this LED project posed many challenges.  Many proposals were rejected in the past as they failed to meet the high aesthetic standards set by the Fairmont Royal York.

To solve the problem TGL custom manufactured several LED lamps specifically for the Fairmont Royal York, TGL LED Filament lamps were introduced to the Fairmont Royal York and not only did they pass the high standards but the results with respect to aesthetics and savings became one of the greatest LED retrofit success stories.

Project Highlights
  • Approximately 1,400,000 Sq. Ft
  • Retrofit Suites, Common Areas, Ballrooms, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Back of House, Exterior Lighting and The Path under Royal York to Subway (Full LED Upgrade).
Project Cost Range:$900,000 - $1,500,000
Energy Savings:73.9%
Payback:1.09 Years
Annual Return:91.82%
Annual KWH Saved:3,273,000

The Westin Harbour Castle

Westin Harbour Castle Implements Full LED Upgrade

The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, is a 580,000 sq. feet 4star luxurious hotel boasting a location on Toronto’s stunning downtown waterfront. In looking to become more energy efficient as well as provide aesthetics of modern luxury we used TGL Vintage Filament LED lamps at the entrance, and in the lobby pillars and bar wireless colour changing LED strip was installed. Now at a press of a button The Westin Harbour Castle lobby can quickly change its appearance to match corporate colours of special clients or switch back to the Westin corporate colours. The financial results and aesthetics are breath taking.

Project Highlights
  • Approximately 580,000 Sq. Ft
  • Retrofit of Common Area Corridors, Ballrooms, Public Common Areas, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Back of House, Exterior Lighting, (Full LED Upgrade)
Project Cost Range:$500,000 - $1,000,000
Energy Savings:80.74%
Payback:0.64 Years
Annual Return:156.34%
Annual KWH Saved:3,223,000

The Shangri-La – Toronto

Shangri-La Selects TGL for upscale LED to Upgrade

The Shangri-La Hotel – Toronto is an upscale Asian inspired hotel & condominium building in downtown Toronto. The Shangri-La features a great collection of upscale Asian art, modern décor and the finest in furniture. The challenges with this project are to maintain the aesthetics and warmth of the lighting and to integrate the LED with the existing halogen diming system. In this project TGL introduced its glass MR16 LED and created a 3-colour changeable downlight to meet the multiple colour standards used throughout the hotel.

Project Highlights
  • Approximately 873,270 Sq. Ft
  • Retrofit of Hotel Suites, Corridors, Ballrooms, Public Common Areas, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Back of House, Underground parking (Residence Side not Included)
Project Cost Range:$100,000 - $300,000
Energy Savings:78.55%
Payback:0.74 Years
Annual Return:134.46%
Annual KWH Saved:633,293
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